Talie: Services


quality, creativity and freshness 


quality, creativity and freshness 
Talie: Services

Talie is personal project from chef Natalia Albero that offers culinary consulting services in all food-related businesses.

we develop creative, unique and groundbreaking ideas with design in top of mind

Passionate about food, Natalia decided to abandon a promising career as an Intellectual Property lawyer to pursue his true passion, cooking. Diploma in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu, currently is managing owner for Rayito Food group, where she leads Mint Restaurant, after passing through Eneko Atxa's three Michelin stars restaurant Azurmendi in Bilbao.

Talie is creativity in the world of gastronomy applied to whatever your need. We guide you in conceptualizing the business, finding the right place, space design and supply, upgrade services and products offered, and team management (in collaboration with Gastro Coaching Barcelona).

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passion for cuisine 
Talie: Chef Natalie Albero

Follow your dreams

A meant to be love story: Natalia & Cuisine

Hello! I am Natalia Albero, a restless chef who is passionate about discovering and creating culinary trends. Fortunate to have grown during one of the greatest revolutions of recent times, the cuisine; much of my memories relate to odors, flavors and textures of foods. A collection that I like to nourish and communicate daily, making my passion a way of life.

I love to squeeze every culinary possibilities that technology offers us, both classical and contemporary, to focus my creations to an attractive, healthy and avant-garde offer. The aim is to bring the result of my work to a wide audience through concepts adapted and created around each type of customer, service and expectation.

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Creations: Sustainable socially and economically, identified with the territory, well planned and executed around a good team.

Our philosophy and work culture

Talie wants to make it easy for you. We know the business and the changing conditions of the same, that is why our proposals collects the best trends in market in as key to differentiate your product. Always keeping on mind what our immediate environment provides.

We adapt to the environment and traditions but giving it fresh and creative touches inspired by global cuisine. When theoretical goals are set, we guide you to adapt the proposal to your business, whether you are a restaurant, catering, shop or collectivity.

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